Tutoring Objective

Our Objective is to give students the tools necessary to achieve academic and personal success.

Tutoring Method

An overwhelming amount of educational research has demonstrated that one-on-one tutoring produces successful academic results. Smart Club offers one-on-one tutoring at the comfort and security of your own home, focusing on academic improvement and building self-confidence. We understand that each student is unique with different learning styles. By pinpointing the personal needs of every student, our tutors are able to provide the most effective instruction available.

Our Tutors

Through our rigorous selection process, all our tutors have the academic knowledge and teaching skills, as well as the personality traits to motivate students and create an environment that encourages students to achieve academic success. We understand that students may not enjoy tutoring after a long day in school so we make sure that our tutors have great personalities and are excited to do what they do. Our tutors patiently teach every skill to ensure that the student has true understanding and retention. Most of our tutors are state certified teachers or degreed professionals.

Smart Club tutors put the student on the road to success. We help each student reach their full academic potential by mastering difficult subjects, and developing skills that instill self-esteem, motivation, and sound study habits.

Tutoring Curriculum

Our tutors primarily use the curriculum the child is using in the classroom. Following the school’s curriculum allows the student to keep up with his studies. Using the student’s school curriculum as a guideline, the tutor may introduce supplementary material based on the student’s specific needs.